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(Drink) 3 Cups

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I’m pretty sure this place is called 3 Cups because you end up ordering three cups. For real. They make one of the best vanilla lattes I’ve had in Salt Lake.

I’m not a coffee connoisseur (is there a coffee version of a sommelier?) so I can’t offer any fancy details about what makes the coffee here so delicious – but they do buy locally from Blue Copper Roasters and make their syrups in-house.

Local and fresh always tastes better than shipped and preserved, right? Back away from the k-cups, people. Unless you get one of those little reusable doodads that you can pour your own coffee into and run it through the Keurig. Those are pretty cool. Not as cool as 3 Cups, though. Shoot.

Aaand back to 3 Cups… (Focus.)

Baked goods and latte from 3 Cups Coffee

Now that we’re diligently on topic, let’s talk about scones. The scone flavors at 3 Cups change daily, but my favorite is the Lemon Pear Lavender. It’s so delectable that I audibly “mmm” while eating it. True story. Try it.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk about the service at 3 Cups: I haven’t encountered anything other than impeccable customer service here.

And I’m clearly not cool enough to be here: there are usually artsy-looking tattooed guys enjoying their oatmeal and hipsters looking oh-so-hip when I bounce in to dilute my espresso and milk with vanilla syrup (more on that down below) and yammer on about my blog while my drink is being made.

Nonetheless, the staff is always friendly and conversational. I appreciate the welcoming, personal service at 3 Cups; it sets them apart from the shops with baristas that take my order without so much as making eye contact or uttering one extra word.

There is one potential downside to 3 Cups, though: if you’re like me and you need to add a little sweetness to your coffee, the drinks will cost you. A standard 16-ounce vanilla latte is going to run you at least $5.75, plus tax.

Part of this is because they don’t automatically add another shot to drinks over 12 ounces; unless you want a mostly-milk concoction, you have to pay to get another shot in your 16-ounce.

If, however, you’re so grown up that you can drink your coffee black, proceed with aplomb: the drip coffee is budget-friendly.

My final note: 3 Cups is open on Sundays, which really is the goldest of gold stars for a Utah establishment, right?

Visit 3 Cups at 4670 South 2300 East in Downtown Holladay.

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