Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

The Less Terrifying Alternative to Eyelash Curlers

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Eyelash curlers freak me out. When I was younger, I thought I’d reach an age where I got over it and just grabbed one of those suckers and jabbed it at my eye for a minute and then walked around all adult-like with upturned doll lashes. It never happened, though. Mainly because of my paranoia about something like this happening:

Flash forward about twenty years and I’m still afraid of eyelash curlers. So I guess that jabbing and adult-like walking thing I envisioned isn’t going to happen. The downside of this, of course, is that my eyelashes have never really looked amazing.

Until now, that is… (moment of dramatic intrigue) I’m kidding. Sorta…

I recently spent a sleepless night binge-watching makeup vloggers on YouTube, and somewhere around the twelfth video, I decided I must have curled lashes. The following weekend, I walked into Ulta as adult-like as I could and told the nearest sales girl that I was determined to buy an eyelash curler.

She must have seen the terror in my eyes, because she told me to follow her and led me to a cheery-looking Benefit display. Then she handed me Roller Lash Mascara. It’s a (drum roll, please) mascara that curls your eyelashes. The intrigue for that last sentence is all real, am I right?

I was a little skeptical, but the sales girl had thick, upturned lashes and she said she uses it. Plus, adapting to a new mascara wand seemed more appealing than jabbing an eyelash curler at my eye. Sold.

I’ve been wearing Roller Lash Mascara ever since and I’m still sold. It curls my lashes in a very torture-free, non-scary way each morning. I’ve broken up with my Maybelline Mega Plush and I’m not going back.

In addition to the curling, there are two other things I like about Roller Lash. First, the wand features two different sides: one has teeny short teeth that “hook” and separate your lashes, and the other is more like a regular wand and is meant to be used for the curling. Benefit calls it the Hook ‘n’ Roll technique. I call it Awesome. I’m also a fan of the handle, which is slimmer than a lot of mascaras that are out these days. There’s this trend toward fat mascara tubes right now, and it makes it more difficult to hold them for accurate application.

The downside to Roller Lash is that it’s not budget friendly. It’s $24.00 – a whopping $24.00! I know, I can’t believe I spent that, either. So, yes, it’s a splurge – but my eyelashes look incredible and I have no doubt I’ll be buying another tube of Roller Lash when this one runs out. If eyelash curlers freak you out too, try Roller Lash. You’re welcome.

Try It

  • Use the short “hook” side of the brush on your bottom lashes. It applies the mascara neatly enough that you won’t have to do any clean-up under your eyes after.
  • If you’re fair skinned, try a black-brown color instead of a true black. This will add some warmth around your eyes and help you avoid that goth look. Unless you’re going for that goth look – in which case, pile on the black, sister.

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